• I have made an extra $88 in payments on my Best Buy account this month, which means I have now paid off $196 of $556 that I owe on the account.
  • I have re-joined the ranks of match.com, which means that hopefully sometime soon, I can address the “Dating” aspect of my blog title once again. Writing about friends with benefit situation just doesn’t seem interesting so I’m going to do what I can to rectify that situation.
  • This weekend, I am off from Coyote’s. I requested off. I need a break, plain and simple, from being a working professional and then moonlighting on top of it. I’m looking forward to it.
  • Coyote’s, very soon, is going to be closing for remodeling. Since we’re in a hotel with two restaurants, we will be serving dinner out of the other restaurant while they do all the construction work, which on a normal basis is only open for brunch. After we re-open, we will be operating under a new name and it will be a legitimate sports bar (complete with our uniforms being referee jerseys rather than the awful ties we have to wear currently!). But for simplicity’s sake, I’m still going to call my restaurant Coyote’s–after all it will mostly be the same employees, management, etc.

Just wanted to check in, as I have barely uttered a word lately. There isn’t much time when you are working hard, sadly. 😦

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September Progress

Just wanted to make a quick update on my personal finance progress for the month of September, since the month closes out tomorrow.

This is the first month in a long time thatΒ  I did not pull out a credit card. I was able to cash flow all incidentals/extras out of my waitressing money. Yay! However, next month I need to be a lot more strict when it comes to sending waitressing money toward debt–after all, that’s the whole point of it.

I updated my Best Buy Thermometer so that you can see how much I have paid off, and how much is left to go.

How do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time. The only way I will pay off all my consumer debt is little by little. I didn’t get in this mess overnight, so getting out of it can’t happen overnight either.

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No Strings Attached

Time to write another sex/dating post, since I’ve been sorely lacking in those lately. Truth is, I just haven’t had much time to sit down and write.

I haven’t been trolling using Plenty of Fish or OKCupid much lately. I don’t have time to look at profiles and make snap judgements about whether or not I should message a person. Plus, the overwhelming amount of people with cliche photos, poor grammar, and messages that just say “Hey sexy” is too much to bear. Then, there’s the whole issue of juggling two jobs and free time is kind of at a premium right now–and given the hit or miss nature of online dating I don’t want to risk wasting prime weekend hours on someone that I probably won’t like anyway.

That said, I did get one message from a guy on OKCupid the other night–and he actually passes all my profile standards, so him and I have been texting. Not sure when I’m going to meet him, but I think we will get along just fine.

Aside from online dating, real life dating has been decent right now. Spongebob and I have kind of spiraled into an no strings attached type deal. He is not dateable according to my own standards because he has a lot of baggage right now. I don’t really want to go into specific detail about it, but it’s just not something that can work and make me happy. But, I do feel very at ease around him, sex is fantastic, and he gets along with my friends. Plus, since there is physical chemistry there at least, he makes for a great two step partner at Bob’s Barn. I’m really appreciating the lack of drama involved with this, and we had a conversation to make sure we are both on the same page about it going absolutely nowhere. When either of us meets someone else that we want to really be in a relationship with, all we have to do is say so and it’s no big deal. I am loving feeling so relaxed and chill about the whole situation.

So, my past three weekends or so have revolved around Spongebob and my friends whenever I manage to not be slinging food around at Coyote’s. I’m really surprised that I’ve still maintained a pretty amazing social life despite working so much and starting to get out of debt.

I have one more shift this weekend, at 4:30 today, and it’s going to be just me and Christie so I’m completely and totally dreading it, especially because last night she got all pissy with me in the kitchen and stormed out because I wouldn’t let her micromanage my room service order that I was putting together. I really hope we are slammed with football fans so that I don’t have to interact with her very much.

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Micromanagement at its Finest

Last night at Coyote’s, I got in at 6 and put my purse away and I started putting silverware away, from the dishwasher container into the tray that we sort it out in so that we can roll. It was in my way at the beverage station so I just wanted to clear it out. I’m always looking for side work to do because the more I do, the sooner we can actually leave when we finally close. So, one of the girls I work with, Christie, is a super micromanager and I hate working with her. Like I can’t stand it because she is always bossing me around. 😦

So she goes, “Hey do you know what the specials are?” and I go, “Tell me.” Instead of telling me she goes on this huge bitchy rant on how I should have read the board outside the front door as I walked in and then she told me to go read it. And I’m thinking, OK, rather than being so nasty wouldn’t it make more sense to just tell me? I would’ve just told me if I were her. Then she went on to say about how she has been busy all night so I really don’t need to worry about doing silverware. Finally, I copped a slight attitude and I went, “Christie, this silverware will take me a grand total of one minute, and I hate it when it’s in my way on the beverage station, so chill out please.” After hearing my tone of voice, she finally left me alone.

A couple weeks ago, I went behind the bar to cut up a lemon and she chewed me out because “I hate when people come behind the bar when I’m bartending.” No one else seems to care. I don’t think me cutting up a lemon is going to royally fuck up anything you need to do!

Then when my big party of the night finally left–they camped all night and we basically couldn’t do any other closing sidework til they were gone–she took her sweet time mopping and doing all different closing tasks. I was trying to bust my butt so I could get out and she just has to make sure everything is perfect and it really doesn’t need to be and it just holds me up. Also, my big party had a tab of $260 by the time they left. They played pool while they were there which we normally charge $2.50/hour for. I decided to comp them the pool fee since, you know, it was a $260 tab and they were about to leave me a $60 tip on it, and Christie flipped out and was like “Well you better make sure that’s OK to do.” I can’t stand her. You can see these people are spending huge amounts of money–let them have free pool. My bartender and GM agreed with me.

Thankfully, she is rarely there on weekends because she has kids and her husband is in the Air National Guard so if he has drill she has to work weekdays instead–and I don’t since I have school. She’s going to be there with me tonight again, though. I’m not really looking forward to it at all.

Hopefully I’ll have another great night tipwise to make up for the misery. Fuck. Being in a restaurant with such a small team is shitty when there’s one person on the team that’s an obvious personality clash. I gotta learn to bite my tongue and pick my battles.

Edit: I do have to say, this job has been wonderful financially. It’s not much money but it makes a difference between using credit cards and not using them. At the end of this month I’m going to be able to throw a sizeable chunk at my Best Buy account and that’s going to feel awesome. So, by keeping my eye on the prize I am able to be less annoyed.

Dating updates are forthcoming as well. I just need to get some more discipline to sit down and write. πŸ™‚

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Rough Night.

Last night was an awful one at Coyote’s.

It started off with me getting there at 4:30. That was all well and good, except I was on the schedule for 6:00. It didn’t matter because Kandi needed some extra time to get there, so she clocked in at 6:00 instead. They like to switch schedules at the last minute around there so I didn’t know, but meh.

So, when we opened at 5:00, I got two room service calls back to back. Remember–Coyote’s is inside a hotel. I delivered and closed the first without incident. The second one was full of problems. I brought it down to them and the lady bitched at me for there not being any sauce with her coconut shrimp–and in the kitchen, they told me no sauce came with it because I made sure before I left with my cart that I had everything I needed. Then I offered them a free dessert to fix it, which they were happy about. However, when I went to close their check, it came back as “no credit” for the room charge. I contacted them for a different form of payment but they gave me a big runaround about paying cash but needing to transfer funds and blah blah blah.

Right away, my bartender, Steam, was like, “they’re scamming you and that’s going to be paid out of your own pocket, just wait.”

So, I had the front desk call them, and they gave the front desk the same story.

Later I was informed I was getting cut at 8, so I had to make sure they paid up before I left. They took their phone off the hook in the room, and our GM was upstairs with Pompous Ass (the BIG boss of the whole hotel) supervising banquet food that was coming out of the banquet kitchen. I tried calling our GM’s cell to get him back downstairs but he didn’t pick up.

Finally, since I wanted to leave I paid the tab with my debit card–the one linked to all my tips at SECU–and clocked out. Steam was right, sadly. 😦

I went out to my car and discovered I locked my keys in it. I called AAA but had to wait another hour for them to come unlock it. So I went back inside. Steam told me that when our GM came back, her and Kandi told him that I had left and closed the ticket myself, but he went down to the room to knock the door and demand payment. They didn’t answer so he went to the front desk and had their keys deactivated so they would HAVE to go pay. Unfortunately, since he was with Pompous Ass, Ass told him to write me up for “not following hotel policy” and not checking before delivering the meal whether they had room service credit. Which, I didn’t know was something I had to do–I’ve only been there just shy of a month, remember? I’m not perfect yet!

The room services were my only “tables” all night so I made no money. I lost money.

So, I was bawling because I never worked with our GM before since he is new, this was my first night there with him, and this was the impression I made. I also felt like paying the tab was enough punishment. I’ve worked there just shy of a month so there is a LOT I still don’t know. Plus, we told Cherub (the food/bev manager) and even her first reaction wasn’t a write-up. Two out of three managers didn’t want to do the write up but because Pompous Ass said so their hands were tied. Such bullshit. I want to be on the bar eventually and if our GM thinks I’m incompetent just as a server, he will NEVER cross train me. 😦

Later on, Steam texted me and said that the guy from the room paid up, so they won’t be charging my debit card, but UGHHHHHH. I still have a fucking writeup over a bullshit thing–how is it MY fault that those people didn’t pay right away? Plus, it’s not like I clocked out without paying, the hotel still got their money either way.

Not pleased. I have another shift tonight, but now that football season is under way we can wear jerseys instead of our gay shirt/tie combination if it’s a game day. That’s a plus. Since I’m an opener, I hope we’re slammed so that I don’t get cut again and so that I can maybe show our GM that I actually am a hard worker and that I know what I’m doing (most of the time!).

Here’s to lots of cash tips tonight, I hope…

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My Monthly Budget

I decided that I want to post my monthly budget here, so that everyone can see exactly where my money is going each month. My budget is done according to my paycheck from my primary day job, and then anything I earn waitressing is gravy on top of it.

Income: $1,799 (I actually kind of took a small pay cut this year because we now have to pay $20/month for our health insurance, while previously we did not, plus we are on a pay freeze. Sucks).


Rent: $695 (I live in a one bedroom apartment by myself–if I moved to a two bedroom and took on a roommate I could slash this a whole bunch, but I like my privacy).

Discover Card payment: $136

Best Buy account: $35

Internet: $30

Verizon: $86

GEICO: $62

Cancer Insurance: $22 (similar to AFLAC)

Renter’s Insurance: $25

Food: $200

Gas: $200

Utilities: $75

Co-pays for health stuff: $70

Christmas savings: $25

Left over: $138

As you can see, everything is really tight–although on paper I am supposed to come in at $138 left over, there are always other things that come up. So, I was bleeding more money than I make and that’s why I owe money on two different accounts right now. I was using those accounts to take care of expenses when I’d run out of money before my next payday. At my primary job I get paid once a month, so it used to be problematic.

The fact that I don’t have a car payment, and that I opened a Flexible Spending Account to pay for prescriptions helps a bit. But, I under-funded the FSA this year, so the above mentioned co-pays I am still doing out of pocket. Ouch.

So, what is the spending and saving plan for my income from Coyote’s? Well…it’s pretty simple. I have decided that:

1) If I have any extra medical expenses like doctor co-pays, it’s going to come out of my Coyote’s money. This month, on top of the $70 I budgeted for certain copays that I need every other week, I also had to budget $80 to see the dentist and $50 to see a doctor. The dentist and doctor are quarterly expenses.

2) After I deduct medical/dental stuff from Coyote’s money, the remainder is my debt snowball. So, at the end of September, whatever is in my second checking account is going to go onto the Best Buy account.

Rinse and repeat for October.

And, like I said, I opened a second checking account for all my income from Coyote’s so that it’s easier to track how much I have. Plus, I know that mixing it with all my “regular” money could be a dangerous game. I’m protecting myself from myself.

Hope this makes sense, and is helpful to anyone attempting to make a budget of their own. πŸ™‚

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New Boots…With Cash

I have to admit something:

While my priority with my waitressing job is to become debt free, I had one other (smaller) priority to meet before paying anything off. That was to obtain a pair of legitimate country dance boots, with slick soles. I wanted to do this because on my nights off I pretty much live at Bob’s Barn, plus, at Bob’s there’s no cover and I don’t spend anything there except for the occasional bottle of water. It’s a cheap hobby. I’ve made do with a pair of flat ballet-looking shoes, but they just don’t work well. I’ve had way too many near-misses with falls when it’s a fast pace, plus they just don’t have the same effect when kicking and stomping.

So, since I made a deposit today in my second checking account that’s only for waitressing money, and the balance was over $400, I went out and bought these:

A brand new pair of Laredos. $96 after tax.

Now my desire is fulfilled, I can look and feel legit when I hit the dance floor at Bob’s, and now from here on out, all of my waitressing money goes to paying off my bills.

I’m also proud of myself for buying these with cash, by the way–the old me would have gone “fuck it” and charged them. Not the new me! I own them outright and interest-free. It’s a really good feeling.

Yee-haw! πŸ˜‰

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