Silent Bob

I met an internet guy today from PlentyOfFish. He texted me wanting to meet for dinner. He suggested that we go to a small wine cafe downtown. I was all about it, because me and my friend Spaniard Lady chug wine like a pair of mofos during the summer. It’s how we roll–white zinfandel, lawn chairs, the good ol’ swimmin’ hole…and we can call it good.

Anyway, before I get too off track here, let’s get back to my original story. I’ll call this particular man Silent Bob, because he was eerily quiet during the duration of our time together. What kept me relaxed was that I kept thinking, “LOLOL blog fodder!”

Here is a conversation snippet, for your entertainment.

= me,    = Silent Bob


: So, what do you do for a living?

: I’m in the Army.

: And, what do you do in the Army?

: Special Forces.

: That’s cool. Do you like it?

: … *sits and plays with phone instead of looking at me*


And, I found myself doing more of the talking the whole time. I felt like he didn’t pay attention to me, and his phone was more important. He gave one word answers to all my questions.

Oh well. At least I got a free peach sangria with a fruit and cheese plate out of the deal, right? Not a total loss. Also, on a physical level, he was really nice to look at.

Date rating: 5/10. His overall appearance, along with the fact that he paid for dinner and chose one of my favorite spots anyway (without knowing me) redeemed him up from a lower score.

Man. I’m almost hoping that I don’t find my Mr. Stark in the near future. It’s way to fun to pick these people apart on the internet. Until next time!


About Pepper Potts

I am a 20-something year old working professional. I'm keeping my day job to myself on here because this is a public blog. However, I moonlight waiting tables and dating men...hence, the Waiting and Dating title.
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