Honesty (is NOT) Always the Best Policy

Today, I went and dropped off more applications on which I embellished slightly, like I said I would. It worked. I have two interviews tomorrow–one at 3 and another at 4. I’m really pulling to get hired at the second place, because they are extremely busy and popular and I have a feeling that just by putting in Friday and Saturday nights I’d make serious bank. I’m really going to try to only work weekends if I can, so that I don’t run myself ragged. It’s only temporary no matter what, though. I only will need to keep it up until I reach certain financial goals that I have set for myself.

Lesson learned: for a first job in a restaurant, experience is a must, even if it’s not real.

Moving on: A couple weeks back, I met a 23 year old who has a 5 year old daughter off OKCupid. I do not date men with kids, as I’ve previously stated, but I still agreed to meet because making new friends is never a bad thing. Since meeting him, he texted me every day to see what I’d be up to. I always would reply, but pointedly never made plans with him. Finally, the other night he writes me again, and the following exchange occurred:

  = me                 = him


: Hey what are you doing?

: Hey hey nothing you?

: Nothing chilling at te house [sic]

: Bored

: So what’s the deal? Were you just not interested?

: I don’t date guys with kids

: Seriously? It plan as day that I have a kid on OKC why waste either of our times in the first place? Or how about be honest about that when we met [sic]

: I said when we met I’m not keen on military so that’s 2 things

: Yeah well you could have just said you weren’t interested in anything with or from me

: Eh. I’ve met nice people on there for both dating and not dating.

: And that means?

: That I’ve made friends off it and I don’t have to date them.

: OK

: Have a good night

: You too.


Now, I admit I was probably wrong for agreeing to meet him, knowing beforehand I wasn’t interested in dating him–but that said, I have met guys from the internet who did become good friends. So it’s whatever. But, this is how I feel: I am in my mid-20’s. I have a big girl job and plans to start my masters degree. I have no relationship baggage (no kids, no crazy exes who won’t leave me alone, no divorces). I feel like I’m too good for men who are younger than I am who obviously had their kid when they were 18 years old. I don’t want to inherit financial responsibility for a kid. Not that I’d be paying for anything the kid needs while still in the dating phase, but if things got serious and led to marriage, then I get to use some of my salary to pay child support to someone else’s baby mama and that just really doesn’t fly with me. And, I want to be put first and men who already have kids will put their kids first (which–I’m glad they are! Good dads are hard to find! But I refuse to date them at the same time).

Got it, men? Date me, put me first, marry me, and then we can have a kid. Together. And together, we can put the kid first.

That was a random hodgepodge of topics and I think that’s enough for today.


About Pepper Potts

I am a 20-something year old working professional. I'm keeping my day job to myself on here because this is a public blog. However, I moonlight waiting tables and dating men...hence, the Waiting and Dating title.
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