The Late Night Swim

Sorry for my absence these past few days! My college roommate, Deep Throat, was visiting me from Ohio and we were pretty occupied the whole time. It was a really good time showing her around here and introducing her to most of my friends.

Wednesday and Friday, we hit up Bob’s Barn for line dancing and some drinks, which was a great time. Thursday, we went to a different club, the same one where I met Rico Suave, to sit at the bar and have some cocktails.

At Bob’s on Wednesday, one of the other regulars–Will.I.Am., and I traded numbers since we always seem to run into each other there. I realized that I had an ever so slight crush on him for some reason. I don’t know why–he is two inches shorter and three years younger, but you just can’t help who you like sometimes. Yesterday (Saturday), Will.I.Am texted me to let me know where he was going Saturday night. Deep Throat and I decided to go meet up with him/them at a smaller, hole in the wall country bar that’s only about a minute by car from my apartment.

We started the party there, then moved next door to an Irish pub, then finally headed over to Bob’s (where we stood in the parking lot eating at the BBQ stand rather than going inside). Somehow, while standing around, we decided we were going to come back to my place and do a late night swim. My apartment pool is lit, and is open 24 hours, so we decided to do it. In the end, it was me, Deep Throat, Will.I.Am, his buddy Kraft, and another friend of theirs who was super drunk and I honestly don’t remember his name.

So, we swam for an hour between like 2:30 and 3:30 AM. The drunk guy passed out on one of the lawn chairs, so we left him there to fend for himself. Will.I.Am. and Kraft came back inside with Deep Throat and I, and we sat up talking about stuff for another hour or so. Finally, when we were ready to crash out, I headed into my bedroom to sleep, while Will.I.Am commandeered the couch and Deep Throat sprawled out on my air mattress. Kraft followed me in and slept in my bed with me.

Now, I’m not that kind of girl at all–I never do once night stands and I normally would never let some random guy sleep in my bed with me either. But, Kraft seemed like a sweetheart and whatever. It was fine. Nothing happened. He did ask for my number, and offer to take me out tomorrow night, but as of now I haven’t had any confirmation of plans. I had to text him about it awhile ago (which I hate doing) because I got an dinner invite from a friend for tomorrow night, and I couldn’t say yes to her without finding out if we’re on. No reply yet. I figure I will give it a few more hours, and if I don’t hear back I’ll go forward with meeting my friends tomorrow night instead. I figure he might be sleeping–I know I slept well into this afternoon due to not falling asleep til like 5 AM, then I got up to say goodbye to Deep Throat as she left to head back to Ohio, then I went back to bed, etc.

I did get a text from Will.I.Am saying he had a great time, and thanks for the swim and blah blah blah. I made sure I told him that nothing happened and I don’t sleep with people and whatever. He responded and said he knows I don’t, no worries. Phew. It would suck to have met all these awesome dudes, all of whom are potential dates, only to get an accidental slut rep early in the game. 😉

No word on when I’m starting at Restaurant #2. I’m going to call it Coyote’s due to an overwhelming vote for that over on my private LiveJournal blog. I really hope they don’t jerk me around like ChiliBee’s did, though.


About Pepper Potts

I am a 20-something year old working professional. I'm keeping my day job to myself on here because this is a public blog. However, I moonlight waiting tables and dating men...hence, the Waiting and Dating title.
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