The Verizon Store

Once again, my absence for a few days has been unintentional–but that’s what happens in the life of a busy single gal! 🙂

The other day, I had to go to the local Verizon Wireless store to replace my phone. I used to have an original Motorola Droid, but a few months back I had it replaced with insurance and unfortunately for me it was a refurbished model instead of a brand new one. Now, I know that refurbs are supposed to be rigorously quality tested and all that, but I’m pretty sure this one was a lemon because I had issues with it that I never had with my original Droid:

  • It constantly dropped calls. I don’t know why, but it did. Then, when people would call (or call back–if after a dropped call), the screen wouldn’t allow me to swipe and answer.
  • It would take forever to connect and place calls.
  • The response times on it were endless. I’d go to open a simple app like Handcent SMS to send a text and it could take 5-10 seconds. But even with constant use of a task killer app, it didn’t help.

There were some other (more minor) issues with it, but I had enough after I had a call with my mom dropped and I couldn’t answer it as she tried calling back three times in a row.

So. Yes, the Verizon store trip had to be made and I decided to trade for an iPhone, since I don’t know one person who has ever had issues with one.

A couple nights before said Verizon store trip, I was chilling on the internet and I got an IM from a guy off OKCupid whose screen name was something like VerizonJohn123 or something. We talked a little bit but I was not that interested. But, I did read his profile and look at his photos.

We know where this is going, right? John was working at the Verizon location I went to in order to take care of my cell phone business on the day I went in there.

I signed in, and then noticed he was behind the counter helping some other customer. I really feared that he would be the one taking care of me, and in real life, my first name is somewhat unique so it would be a definite possibility that he’d realize that I was the girl he was chatting with the other night.

So, I did what I had to do: I went over to the lady working at the sign in area, and explained that I’d talked to John online off a dating website, and asked if she could make sure that I didn’t get matched up with him for help. She did her job and I got assigned to a wonderful girl who took care of me just fine. However, her work station was next to John’s and for a few minutes he didn’t have a customer right there. So while she was getting the iPhone ready to activate, I texted a friend on my old Droid and explained what was going on so that I’d look busy and would have an excuse to not somehow accidentally make eye contact with him.

Oh lord, it felt so painfully awkward, but I think I was able to escape without him realizing that I was his Internet girl.

And that’s another one for the books, friends. Until next time, which will be very soon!

Oh and by the way, my white iPhone is great, although it’s taken some getting used to. Way less buggy and way more reliable.


About Pepper Potts

I am a 20-something year old working professional. I'm keeping my day job to myself on here because this is a public blog. However, I moonlight waiting tables and dating men...hence, the Waiting and Dating title.
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