Micromanagement at its Finest

Last night at Coyote’s, I got in at 6 and put my purse away and I started putting silverware away, from the dishwasher container into the tray that we sort it out in so that we can roll. It was in my way at the beverage station so I just wanted to clear it out. I’m always looking for side work to do because the more I do, the sooner we can actually leave when we finally close. So, one of the girls I work with, Christie, is a super micromanager and I hate working with her. Like I can’t stand it because she is always bossing me around. 😦

So she goes, “Hey do you know what the specials are?” and I go, “Tell me.” Instead of telling me she goes on this huge bitchy rant on how I should have read the board outside the front door as I walked in and then she told me to go read it. And I’m thinking, OK, rather than being so nasty wouldn’t it make more sense to just tell me? I would’ve just told me if I were her. Then she went on to say about how she has been busy all night so I really don’t need to worry about doing silverware. Finally, I copped a slight attitude and I went, “Christie, this silverware will take me a grand total of one minute, and I hate it when it’s in my way on the beverage station, so chill out please.” After hearing my tone of voice, she finally left me alone.

A couple weeks ago, I went behind the bar to cut up a lemon and she chewed me out because “I hate when people come behind the bar when I’m bartending.” No one else seems to care. I don’t think me cutting up a lemon is going to royally fuck up anything you need to do!

Then when my big party of the night finally left–they camped all night and we basically couldn’t do any other closing sidework til they were gone–she took her sweet time mopping and doing all different closing tasks. I was trying to bust my butt so I could get out and she just has to make sure everything is perfect and it really doesn’t need to be and it just holds me up. Also, my big party had a tab of $260 by the time they left. They played pool while they were there which we normally charge $2.50/hour for. I decided to comp them the pool fee since, you know, it was a $260 tab and they were about to leave me a $60 tip on it, and Christie flipped out and was like “Well you better make sure that’s OK to do.” I can’t stand her. You can see these people are spending huge amounts of money–let them have free pool. My bartender and GM agreed with me.

Thankfully, she is rarely there on weekends because she has kids and her husband is in the Air National Guard so if he has drill she has to work weekdays instead–and I don’t since I have school. She’s going to be there with me tonight again, though. I’m not really looking forward to it at all.

Hopefully I’ll have another great night tipwise to make up for the misery. Fuck. Being in a restaurant with such a small team is shitty when there’s one person on the team that’s an obvious personality clash. I gotta learn to bite my tongue and pick my battles.

Edit: I do have to say, this job has been wonderful financially. It’s not much money but it makes a difference between using credit cards and not using them. At the end of this month I’m going to be able to throw a sizeable chunk at my Best Buy account and that’s going to feel awesome. So, by keeping my eye on the prize I am able to be less annoyed.

Dating updates are forthcoming as well. I just need to get some more discipline to sit down and write. 🙂


About Pepper Potts

I am a 20-something year old working professional. I'm keeping my day job to myself on here because this is a public blog. However, I moonlight waiting tables and dating men...hence, the Waiting and Dating title.
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