Two Jobs Sucks

I apologize for my bad attitude in this post. I just need to get it all out before another shift.

I’m so tired. I hate working two jobs. It’s really physically exhausting. I don’t like having to rush from one to the other if I have a weeknight shift at Coyote’s. But, I’m determined to beat debt so I am just trying to grin and bear it for now.

The worst is closing on weeknights. I get up at 6 AM for my M-F full time job, and depending on how busy we are at Coyote’s, it’s possible to not get out til midnight or later. Now that the NFL season is underway, every time I work a Sunday (like today), if people come in to watch the game and the game isn’t over by 11 when the bar closes, we can’t kick them out and instead are all stuck until the game ends. I don’t do well on less than 8 hours of sleep, so this really sucks. Tonight is my first shift working with football, so if it winds up being a really late night because of the football crowd, I’m going to change my availability to “No Sundays.” They’ll just have to deal with it and find someone else who can work. But we’ll see.

Friday night, I got a table of two parents with 3 kids. They left me $13 on a $47 tab, which was an awesome tip, but when I left I saw why: the youngest child in the booster seat had left a huge mess on the floor. Huge. Fries, chips, and mac and cheese were everywhere. FML. We bus our own tables at my restaurant, so yours truly got to clean it all. FUCK.

Last night I went in at 4:45, then I got cut at 8:00. I made $13 and change the whole night, but it was all charge tips so I can’t pick up the money until Monday. The hours for picking up negative drops are 1-4 PM, and that’s when I’m at my regular job. I can’t do it. The food and beverage manager told me to go talk to the HR director and force her to work something out for me, because our paychecks every other Friday are the same policy–only available between 1-4 PM. It’s ridiculous. I’ve never heard of any business that’s so stringent about when employees can access their money. Thankfully my full time job pays the bills so all this is just gravy, and when I pick it up doesn’t matter, but I feel a whole lot of sorry for employees who pay rent and groceries with their paychecks from there and who need it the day they get paid but who can’t get there.

We have direct deposit offered but they have a whole slew of rules about keeping it so I’m not getting into that.

And, I think that’s enough from me today. I’m off to my third shift in a row, and then tomorrow I’ve got one more.

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Emergency Fund Complete!

I finally had time to moderate/reply to my comments on my last post. Thanks for the feedback, guys–good, bad, and ugly.

I don’t have any other shifts at Coyote’s til Friday, which is a blessing in disguise because over at my full time job shit is getting crazy. There are no words, really. But, on Sunday this past weekend, it was the slowest. night. ever. I had two tables the whole night. But, I walked out with $30 regardless. I made more money on a slow night than on a fast one (Saturday, for example, which I outlined in my last post). Imagine that. Friday is also payday, so I’ll get a (small) paycheck on top of any tips I make.

In the personal finance arena, I finally made my goal of a $1,000 baby emergency fund! That means that now I can move on to paying off the last of my bills. I have a lot of focus especially with a 2nd income coming in, so I’m hoping to accomplish this by June 2012. I updated my personal finance page on here accordingly, so be sure to check it out!

On Sunday night, after work, I headed to the club with some friends. Out on the patio I ran into Rico Suave. He acted like he didn’t remember me and actually said “Who are you?” Then the next day he texted me and said “Who are you?” again. Weirdo. I know he didn’t forget me. I am unforgettable. But really, what a weirdo, like I already said…

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for anything interesting in the next couple days. 🙂

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Labor Day Weekend

I hate this weekend at work. I have made absolutely no money. In fact, I walked out with $21 last night. That’s it. After 4 hours of being run to death, more fucking gift certificates, and people that ordered Goose and Patron off our bar, but who could only “afford” to leave me 8%. Just…don’t even get me started.

Let’s talk about for a minute. People can buy a gift certificate for Coyote’s for $10 for us, which gives them $25 off to use. They have to purchase $35 worth of food in order to redeem it. Every shift, I get at least 1 table who has one of these. Every shift, I get shortchanged on my tips. The people with these gift certificates always have at least a $50 tab by the end of the night, but they always tip me off the discounted amount. What’s worse is that on the printout of the gift certificate, it says in huge letters PLEASE TIP YOUR SERVER OFF THE ORIGINAL AMOUNT OF THE BILL.

Tonight I have one more shift at 4:30, and then tomorrow I’m off from both jobs with the rest of America for Labor Day. Next weekend I’m hoping we will be busier, because apparently Labor Day is a notoriously slow weekend.

In dating news: yesterday, Spongebob from Bob’s Barn came over to go swimming with me. On Friday night, I danced with him all night at Bob’s because he wanted to practice some spin techniques on the floor, so while we were in the pool yesterday, we were two stepping and spinning. He’s the one that started it, and it was adorable. It’s kind of hard to move how you’re supposed to in water, but it made me laugh and that was much needed.

He eventually went in for the kill of a kiss and then before I knew it we were making out in the water all afternoon. We had to stop when a mom came in with her small child, but a little while later we headed inside for some more fun. Now I reallllllyyyy find myself wanting to have sex with Spongebob. I gave him the nickname of Spongebob, because he has the same name as another character on the show. I’m sure you guys can figure out the name with some effort. 🙂

Why do I want to have sex with him? Well, first of all, I’ve gotten into a bad habit of booty calling my ex. It’s just too easy and familiar to do that, so I haven’t really gone for much fresh meat since early spring. Without going into too much further detail, my ex is leaving with the Army again to go to Afghanistan for a year like THIS MONTH. No sex for a year is obviously no bueno so we need to fix that like right now. Second of all, I just think it would be a good thing to get comfortable having sex with new people, because eventually when I meet someone I really do like, I don’t want to have any hangups. I think a FWB type situation would be ideal for this stuff, so I’m going to make it happen.

I hope all my readers are doing well…if I even have any readers? I never get comments so I have no idea if anyone even reads this. If you do, show yourselves please. It would be much appreciated.

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Waiting and Dating Brain Dump

I am totally obsessed with waitressing now that I’m finished training. Saturday night was my first night “live” on the floor (and my only non-training shift, so far). I loved it. The shift went super quick, and I walked out with $43. Coyote’s has steady business, but it’s never overwhelmingly busy, which is good for someone with little experience like me. I actually should’ve made more, but I had a pair of idiots who had a $25 gift certificate and they tipped me off the final balance, not the original bill. Fuckers. Plus some other people who shortchanged me slightly. Overall though, it’s an easy place to work and I’m having fun there.

I’m already playing with numbers, and anticipating my next shift on Thursday, and then I get two more weekend shifts this week. By next week, I want to start making extra payments on some credit card debt with my earnings. Meanwhile, my primary job will take care of all my other expenses (rent, car insurance, cell phone bill, food, gas, utilities, etc). I got this job to get out of debt for once and for all, and it seems like it will do just that.

Switching gears completely, I just had kind of a hurtful run in with a guy I casually dated early in the summer. At the time, he blew me off to go to Maryland for a wedding function, when we’d had a date set up. Common sense points to the fact that if it was an out of state wedding, he would have known the date in advance, and he shouldn’t have double booked with me. I told him to please stop talking to me, because I can’t date flakey men.

Seriously–if this is how he acts when trying to impress me, then what would it be like later after the “honeymoon” phase? No thanks.

Anyway, he contacted me on Skype last week, said he hopes I’m doing well, etc. We got to talking and apologized to each other about the time he blew me off. Yesterday afternoon, some of my friends were out by the pool so I invited him over to join us. Today, he talked non-stop about how much he liked one of my single female friends.

I know him and I never *became* anything, but I just think it’s rude to mack on my friends since there was some kind of history there. It took balls for him to actually be honest and tell me, so I’ll give him that much, but it still hurt my ego a little bit. I don’t really plan on keeping him as a friend because I don’t want to deal with this shit on a regular basis. I also filled my friend in on the history of the situation, so that she’d have a heads up.

Dating sucks, man. I don’t think I want to do it anymore.

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Day One at Coyote’s

Today I rushed straight from my day job to my first day of training at Coyote’s. I learned opening sidework, then I got cut at 8:15, and then tomorrow I am going in at 6:00 so that I can learn all the closing sidework.

It’s not an extremely busy place, and there’s only one cook in the back. I think this will be an ideal first restaurant job, truth be told.

Also, after hiring me, the GM was fired. Just like at ChiliBee’s. I think I’m bad luck for GM’s.

I know this is rather disjointed, but until I’m out of training mode I don’t think I’m going to have very much to share.

I’m definitely pleased about adding some income to my bottom line, though. Lord knows I need it.

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Toothless Returns…Kind Of

Once in awhile I get one of those random e-mails from OKCupid that alerts me to the fact that “someone is checking you out right now!”

Today, one hit my inbox, and it was Toothless from PlentyOfFish. You know, I’ve noticed that the same people tend to be on both sites. Obviously, I’m a guilty party because if I wasn’t on both sites, I’d never realize this.

Here’s what the email looked like, minus the photo and location and username, of course:

toothless okcupid

Oh, if only the OKCupid people knew what an exceptionally terrible match he was…I really just might have to take an online dating break for a little while.

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I went to orientation today at the hotel where Coyote’s is located. Since orientation was on a date where I had major work meetings to worry about at my full time job, I had to make special arrangements. It was less than fun talking to my boss about it, but he relented and I was able to go.

Basically, the HR lady walked us through filling out and signing about 100 forms. There were the usual W-2, state tax, and I-9 forms, but there was also a huge pile of ones relating strictly to the hotel. One about the lost and found policy. One about tipped employees (that’s me!). One acknowledging that we received enrollment information for a very shitty health plan, which I don’t need; my full time job has major medical included, thankfully!

Then we talked about the policies and procedures in the employee handbook, and she took us on a tour of the whole facility. There are lots of small meeting and conference rooms, and then several large dining and banquet rooms. Three of the biggest can be combined to create a grand ballroom of sorts. Not much of that applied to me since I will be working in the restaurant, but I might bartend the occasional banquet.

Before I left we met with the food and beverage manager, who gave my schedule. My first shift is a week from today, and I’m on the schedule three days in a row. I’m going to have to shadow another server those first three days, but then I’ll be off to money making tip land the first week of September.

I got hired the first week of August, so it’s taken quite a bit of time, but I’m finally getting started. Hip hip hooray, or something like that.

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