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I have made an extra $88 in payments on my Best Buy account this month, which means I have now paid off $196 of $556 that I owe on the account. I have re-joined the ranks of match.com, which means … Continue reading

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No Strings Attached

Time to write another sex/dating post, since I’ve been sorely lacking in those lately. Truth is, I just haven’t had much time to sit down and write. I haven’t been trolling using Plenty of Fish or OKCupid much lately. I … Continue reading

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Micromanagement at its Finest

Last night at Coyote’s, I got in at 6 and put my purse away and I started putting silverware away, from the dishwasher container into the tray that we sort it out in so that we can roll. It was … Continue reading

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Rough Night.

Last night was an awful one at Coyote’s. It started off with me getting there at 4:30. That was all well and good, except I was on the schedule for 6:00. It didn’t matter because Kandi needed some extra time … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend

I hate this weekend at work. I have made absolutely no money. In fact, I walked out with $21 last night. That’s it. After 4 hours of being run to death, more fucking restaurant.com gift certificates, and people that ordered … Continue reading

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Waiting and Dating Brain Dump

I am totally obsessed with waitressing now that I’m finished training. Saturday night was my first night “live” on the floor (and my only non-training shift, so far). I loved it. The shift went super quick, and I walked out … Continue reading

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Day One at Coyote’s

Today I rushed straight from my day job to my first day of training at Coyote’s. I learned opening sidework, then I got cut at 8:15, and then tomorrow I am going in at 6:00 so that I can learn … Continue reading

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