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Rough Night.

Last night was an awful one at Coyote’s. It started off with me getting there at 4:30. That was all well and good, except I was on the schedule for 6:00. It didn’t matter because Kandi needed some extra time … Continue reading

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Two Jobs Sucks

I apologize for my bad attitude in this post. I just need to get it all out before another shift. I’m so tired. I hate working two jobs. It’s really physically exhausting. I don’t like having to rush from one … Continue reading

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Emergency Fund Complete!

I finally had time to moderate/reply to my comments on my last post. Thanks for the feedback, guys–good, bad, and ugly. I don’t have any other shifts at Coyote’s til Friday, which is a blessing in disguise because over at … Continue reading

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Waiting and Dating Brain Dump

I am totally obsessed with waitressing now that I’m finished training. Saturday night was my first night “live” on the floor (and my only non-training shift, so far). I loved it. The shift went super quick, and I walked out … Continue reading

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Toothless Returns…Kind Of

Once in awhile I get one of those random e-mails from OKCupid that alerts me to the fact that “someone is checking you out right now!” Today, one hit my inbox, and it was Toothless from PlentyOfFish. You know, I’ve … Continue reading

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