Who is Pepper Potts?

I go by Pepper Potts because I’d like to consider her my comic book doppelganger. In my efforts to keep this blog as anonymous as possible, why not pick a fun character name while I’m at it? Maybe during my dating efforts, I’ll find my Tony Stark.

In the real, non-Iron Man world, however, I am a working professional in my mid 20’s. I will leave my day job a mystery, because for all intents and purposes within this (very public) blog, it’s really not that important. What is important, is that I moonlight slinging burgers and beer at my restaurant, ChiliBee’s Coyote’s (which will provide a lot of blog fodder For Your Entertainment), and that I’m having a lot of internet dating adventures during this time period in my life. All the stories I tell are real, even though I like to give all the people in them cutesy little nicknames to protect the innocent.

So, there you go. I’m Waiting and Dating. Waiting tables, so I can pay off some bills and actually have a savings account again, and dating so that I can find my Stark man.